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As guy number two, who really just wants a quick cut and doesn’t want to move far to get it, an office trim is the perfect solution. Our conversation turns from hair to business to life.Tony turned to grooming after a finance firm layoff during the recession. I realize this is a whole different experience than the guy-number-two cuts inside silent, sterile chain barbershops.Perhaps the strangest was the black stamp placed directly on the wood of the crate indicating that the delivery had been cleared by Customs.Given what he believed to be the contents he knew a genuine representative of the government couldn't possibly have inspected it.Irene caught up with Galore and shares You might of heard the name “Beat Face Honey” from low-key being an OG in the MUA game.Tatiana Ward has beat the faces of Nicki Minaj, Brandy and many more.

When he asks what type of cut I want, I shrug and ask for a four on top and two on the sides – my standard buzz.Tony’s conversation and quality make me want to be guy number one.Of course, I have a meeting in 15 minutes, so I shake Tony’s hand and go about the rest of my day in the office.He smiled ruefully to himself, tapping the wooden lid with the head of the screwdriver he held in his right hand.It had been a long day and he was at the end of a much longer process.

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