Power affirmations turbocharge your dating success

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On a winter afternoon a few years ago, a very close friend, Amanda, told me something very important as we walked through Central Park.She said she wanted to accomplish two major goals in her life. She was on a terrible shift surrounded by angry and negative people who didn't care for her and destroyed her self-esteem.

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For most folks, harnessing this power is just a dream or fantasy. No matter what your dream is, you make it reality when you master this skill.She was getting older and wanted to be in a life long relationship - not just to anyone - but to someone who really cared about her and made her the center of his life. After a long discussion I convinced her to try my Creating Power System. She started to get new job leads within the first 2 weeks!!I told Amanda that everything she wanted was possible and explained that all she had to do was develop her power - which was much easier than she thought. Amanda remained skeptical and told me that she had tried everything including astrology, psychics, self-help programs and even counseling. Within a month Amanda started dating a terrific guy.And if you're saying, maybe that worked for others but it can't work for me - no way.With Creating Power you develop all May I tell you about Amanda Curtis?

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