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Of all the American men who have ever approached me online or offline while overseas, I can't remember any of them ever saying anything about "fun," preferred sexual positions, or penis size (if non-black Americans are as curious about the legitimacy of that dreaded, dreadful myth, they've never let on with me), and I'm pretty sure that no American guy has ever sent me unsolicited nude shots.

Online conversations with them have typically begun the way offline ones do -- "Hi. " -- and then on to the small talk (as in actual small talk, not "Hung? I asked a black American friend who had spent a year living and studying in Cape Town for his take, and he suggested that being abroad and out of their comfort zone might bring out the best in American men.

When I first moved to Buenos Aires, I was shocked to find out that Americans waiting outside certain busy bars and clubs on weekend nights got to use their nationality to jump the queues, and once inside, an American accent -- which is as sexy elsewhere as British and Australian accents are to us -- can get you even further than flattery, of which you're likely to be on the receiving end.

It will pique people's curiosity and possibly even get you lucky.

He hated traveling period because, well, what was the point?

Eight years, eight cities: Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and Sydney, where I just relocated for a new job.

And what do I have to show for all that time spent living outside the U. The list goes on, but here are some highlights: at least twice as much romantic drama (and comedy) in half the time I spent in New York City, at least two books (the first, , is out Nov.

I still get a little electric jolt every time someone tells me how much he loves Americans.

In a strange and occasionally exhilarating way, it makes me even prouder to be an American than I ever was when I was living there.

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