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She gets very cross about this, and if he says "Yeah but check out the season poll!" one more time, he will not live to write another word. He lives a life of complete peace and serenity now, having taken the precaution of not learning a word of the local language and therefore protecting himself from the consequences of his own special brand of communication.When not caring for her daughter, the VH1 star can be found working on her growing modeling career. Police conducted a search and found marijuana in the Altima as well as “a cup filled with a syrupy liquid known as Sizzurp, which is also known as Lean or Purple Drank” in the rapper’s possession."Sally said yes to Patrick, they got married and are very happy...especially as Sally beat Susan to the altar, and finally did something first.

He is, at this very moment, staring out to sea, and sighing happily every thirty-eight seconds.

The difference between me and Chris is I shot a N---a before.

We not the same."Brown and Tran dated on and off for four years until March 2015, when the model called it quits after finding out the singer had fathered his daughter, Royalty, with another woman while they were together.

Inspired by recent dance crazes that had popularized some rappers from Atlanta, Soulja Boy (De Andre Way) and his friends invented the dance moves that gave rise to "Crank That": As summarized by The Wall Street Journal, "dancers bounce back on their heels, ripple their hands, crank their wrists like motorcyclists, then lunge into a Superman pose"."Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this n---a a bitch," Soulja Boy wrote on Twitter on Monday night."Aye @chrisbrown pull up n---a I'll knock yo Bitch Ass out," he continued.

That n---a @chrisbrown better not tweet s--t with his p--sy ass.

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