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But it’s not just the best mate persona that makes watching Botti a treat. Arguably one of the world’s best trumpeters, he’s collaborated with musicians including Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, and Mark Knopfler. Sometimes you actually have to take a moment to remember that it’s his name above the door.

He’s a master of his instrument, seamlessly transitioning from melow harmonies to powerful and extravagant solos. This is a musician that shines when the spotlight is on him, but who is more than happy to take a back seat and let the talented musicians he’s surrounded himself with share the limelight too.

She was the fresh-faced rookie on a team of veterans who joined the superb ensemble cast in the gripping series that blends music with mayhem while capturing post-Katrina New Orleanians in survival mode.And while she calls the subdudes one of her favorite bands to work with on the show ("They're really, really sweet"), Micarelli can't be convinced to go down road. I don't know if I want to tour just because I'd rather be in one place and work on a record or something of my own." She agrees the experience "would be cool" though, leaving the door open."I don't think I'm gonna do any of that," she says of touring. "If I do do something like that, it would just be a few shows here and there." (At right, Micarelli appears with the Pine Leaf Boys at the 2010 Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, and the video for is available on i Tunes.) When filming for Season 2 wraps in late May, Micarelli will keep honing her musical skills.Micarelli sings on "Light In Your Eyes" and solos on "Carved in Stone" in a club setting actually shot in New Orleans, serving as a stand-in for the state known more for its national championship basketball team than its Cajun music."We tried to convince all the extras to act like they were from Connecticut," Micarelli says.

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