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The guy keeps to himself, and has muscles that make Hulk Hogan’s facial hair curl. Ray Lewis: This may seem like an early entrance in a ranking partially based on intensity, but make no mistake, Lewis should be regarded as an on-field terror until his heart stops beating. Regardless, Suh is already one of the most dominant interior linemen in the history of the league. James Harrison: Helping finance the NFL since 2004, Harrison has been the subject of multiple fines for illegal hits.If you’re looking for a representative for the definition of reckless abandon, he’s your guy.Affectionately known as Full Throttle, Short is so recklessly aggressive on kick coverage that offensive and defensive players alike stop to behold his violent collisions.

Then you have the fact that he's thrown 4 interceptions. If you add the last 7 games of last year to this season (18 total games), Rodgers has thrown 5386 yards for 49 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. You leave the smallest of windows and he'll squeeze a pass in there.

When I first saw this topic, my mind went to defensive players.

I won't name names for my opponent to use, but there are many to choose from.

* ,000 - A hit on Titans' quarterback Vince Young. In my second argument, I provided an unbiased definition of intimidation that aligned closely with my criteria.

* ,000 - A brutal helmet-to-helmet hit of Browns' wideout Mohamed Massaquoi. By your own admission, Aaron Rodgers does not meet the emotional dimension of intimidation.

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