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In a detailed report, Buzzfeed shows how the ‘meme community’ banded together to ‘raid’ the Quint office as well as circulating Sharma’s profile and personal number on groups.

“A page called Meme Mandir tagged me in comments,” Sharma told HT.

The media company, however stuck to its stand and lodged a complaint in Sector 20, Noida police station under the IT act.

Speaking to HT, Quint journalist Deeksha Sharma who was targeted by online mobs said the abuse and tirades spilled over to her personal Facebook account and she even received threats on her personal number.

The enjoyment derived from cringe-pop is laughing at the artist, not with them.

The problem, says Sharma, is when people start shouting lyrics like these in streets without even understanding them.“If you can explain how the lyrics are funny and not sexist, then please do so,” says Sharma.

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes.

There is makeup that will cover leg discolorations.Quint Neon put out a counter video to Mishra’s rap song, which featured its reporter Deeksha Sharma demanding You Tube take down the song for its absolutely derogatory lyrics.“If you haven’t heard the song, let me tell you how this ‘Omprakash - The Rap King’ threatens to rape,” Sharma says in the video, pointing, among other lyrics, to this line: Teri to ghanti bajana aauntie meine thani hai, night me ye dekh meinu sot lagani hai.A section of those criticising Quint have defended the song as a young man having “harmless fun”, while others questioned why the media company does not call out established rappers such as Honey Singh or Eminem? Who told these people that I listen to Eminem or Honey Singh or haven’t called them out? A lot of the vitriol directed at Sharma and Quint Neon is a backlash against what the commentators see as ‘elite’, ‘feminazis’ targeting a ‘middle-class’, upcoming artist like Mishra.But using class as a defence against charges of misogyny is not only a lame argument, but especially specious in this cases since most of the song’s fan-base belongs to the same ‘elite class’.

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