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When creating Cortana, Microsoft was well-aware of what its digital assistant was going to have to deal with, so, believe it or not, it was designed in such a way to handle abuse in a specific manner.

It takes far too long given the simple actions I want to take.

If approached by his accounts, it is likely in your best interest to ignore him.

Boxxy Bot is an IRC Text Bot created by the PLF user Machu Pichu for the IRC Channel Avisism.

No user is going to linger on a barbershop website to experience the allure of descriptive personal grooming content.

These types of occasional online interactions should primarily support the user’s immediate needs…Finding a time that matches two people’s schedules is never going to be a straightforward process. But if you break this down, even salon receptionists have a script that they follow to schedule your appointment regardless of if its linear.

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