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The 47-year-old software company CEO wasn't going to bring a The water in San Francisco is not only some of the crispest water found on the planet, it’s safe to drink and probably safer than bottled. Without drugs and alcohol, I faced a whole new set of challenges. For years, heroin caused my sex drive to remain dormant, Gone are the days of “boy meets girl.” These days, a more likely scenario is “boy likes girl’s profile, girl lurks through boy’s pictures, boy flirtatiously messages girl.” Who doesn’t have a friend with a great online dating story?Whether awkward, scary, sexy or dreamy, one It wasn't until the artist lifted his handheld machine from my skin — as it buzzed like a dental drill — and wiped my ink and blood splattered arm clean that I realized I had just made a decision that would affect me for the [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Julie Feinstein Adams met Scott Adams after she helped a close friend create a profile. For this course’s final project, the students collaborated with the advanced cinematography class and the There’s a certain green plant with a reputation for its psychedelic effects and was known to help Bob Marley get through his days.

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With a master's in fine arts and bachelor's in history, Watson says that one of his greatest achievements is to be able to work on behalf Editor's Note: There is some graphic content in the videos posted in this article [HTML2] [HTML1] Videos courtesy of Nick Morris and Natasha [HTML3] Several non-residents were arrested and forcefully removed from Mary Ward Hall at SF State this evening after a fire alarm was set off in the dorm.

Photo by Jessica Worthington / Xpress[/caption] Now that the stress from finals is finally Everyone got a bronze coin for graduating drug rehab. This means students face extremely long hours cramming a semester's worth of knowledge to solidify their passing grades before entering that three-month Two people were arrested on SF State campus yesterday afternoon after they stole a laptop from a mall shopper, then fled to campus, according to University authorities.

Three people stole the laptop from a shopper near the Apple Store in Stonestown Galleria, then fled the scene in [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jacky Chow, a senior criminal justice major, dressed in his job interview attire on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Soon after the dope sickness, the anger and the depression, my cravings to use drugs slowly began to disappear.

Without drugs and alcohol, I faced a whole new set of challenges. For years, heroin caused my sex drive to remain dormant, neglected.

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