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China legalized homosexuality in 1997 and removed it from the list of mental diseases in 2001.

Previous estimates put the country's homosexual male population at around 40 million.

The Blued announced its plan to expand the production of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) multimedia content with RNW, former Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and explore further cooperation in marketing and finance, according to the independent media on Friday.

Geng said the new version will provide more accurate location-based services to users overseas and a new team consisting of multi-lingual members with background at international Internet firms has been formed.

There is only one problem with shopping in Shanghai - the shops close relatively early, by 9pm on weekends most shops are closed and even earlier on weekdays.

The 36-year-old, who quit his job to play Cupid, said he wants to liberate fellow homosexuals across the world.Geng Le, founder of Blued, made the high-profile announcement after Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged his homosexuality, which Geng said was a great encouragement.With the investment, "we now have a long-term plan to design and introduce a lesbian networking application, 'Pinkd,' to help them find friends and possibly true love," he told China Daily.The shopping in Shanghai is excellent, from street market bargains to designer duds, although larger sizes will have to stick up at home or have things tailor made -- not a bad option, considering Shanghai's tailors are considered to be Asia's finest.Shanghai's international schools offer children a good education, but the international school system here is still young.

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