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Of those listed above, one in five are from New York City, especially Harlem. One of the most striking things about this list is that few were born before 1950.

That is no accident: before the fall of Jim Crow, black men were kept from white women in the southern states of America by law, force and terror. I think having parents from two different races does affect you growing up, especially if you find yourself in the strange position of being too black to be white and too white to be black, making you in effect neither black nor white but biracial.

One day, he’s on his way home drunk and witnesses a woman being bullied by strangers in the neighborhood, then helps her.

He picks up a necklace that she might have dropped during the struggle. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Shu is divorced from his wife, and at work is a gloomy salaryman who does not know when he will be able to get his job done.

The only ones who I suspected might be mixed were Derek Jeter, Jennifer Beals, Persia White, Alicia Keys, Mya Harrison and Ursula Rucker, Shows you what I know.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: A team of reporters has come to a village known to be haunted by ghosts on every full moon.

But during full moon, the girl in the group is possessed into a sex crazed bitch.

They are listed according to their date of birth (though in some cases I had to guess when that was): 1700s: 1710s: 1720s: 1730s: 1740s: 1750s: 1760s: 1770s: 1780s: 1790s: 1800s: 1810s: 1820s: 1830s: 1840s: 1850s: 1860s: 1870s: 1880s: 1890s: Nella Larsen (“Passing”, writer of the Harlem Renaissance) 1900s: 1910s: 1920s: 1930s: Shirley Bassey (sang “Goldfinger”) 1940s: Sue Simmons (Channel 4 news in New York).

1950s: Lani Guinier, Walter Mosley (wrote “Devil in a Blue Dress”), Vickie Sue Robinson (sang “Turn the Beat Around”), Lonette Mc Kee (Flipper’s wife in “Jungle Fever”), James Mc Bride (“The Color of Water”), Mario van Peebles, Sade, Victoria Rowell, Vanity.

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