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But as these sensations grew, they gave rise to need.

Her body began to cry out from deep within that she needed something else - more.

Mesmerized by its sheer beauty and also by her desire to touch it - to feel it in her, she moved her fingers upward a bit to focus their attention more directly on her sensitive clit.

Circling it slowly at first and then gradually more quickly she resisted the impulse to close her eyes again.

Watching her rub herself made him want to simply push forward and satisfy his own needs quickly. _______ She opened her eyes just in time to see him grab and squeeze his cock.

As it's veins and head swelled her need grew even more.

She responded by pinching them between her fingers and thumbs.

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He squeezed it firmly and it quickly grew, it's head swelling and all of its veins engorged._______ He sat in his chair and propped his phone on a nearby shelf after they connected on Face Time.As soon as he saw her in all of her naked beauty, he knew this was a great idea.She took a minute to watch herself in the small window on her screen running her fingers over her stark white skin across her tummy, up her sides and around her neck.As if this whole experience wasn't already exciting, her own touch increased her anticipation.

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