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But the truth is that nowadays - with busy routines and cosmopolitan lives - many people just don't get to meet a whole load of people who shares their personal interests. Online dating enables you to search specifically for people with traits that you would like to find and also to dodge some personality features you wish to avoid.

I'm going to spare you of data which tells how many people have used those kinds of services - it's a lot - but the reality is that online dating is here to stay and it's growing.

I accepted that and thought I'd try for 3 more months, but made sure I cancelled my auto renewal right then. As stated above, I came armed with knowledge of not only being aware's policy regarding ongoing charges, but more important Match.

Com's nefarious reputation to keep billing a subscriber, even if a cancellation notice is submitted.

I called customer service to ask for a refund because I spent and after spending a few minutes on the site I went through all my matches in my area which were a bunch of guys that didn't meet the criteria I'm looking for.

Why would I be matched with a bunch of guys that select "definitely don't want kids" and I put in my section I'm looking for a guy that "does want kids".

This means that if you accidentally fail to opt out of renewal services on the website, will charge you for another 6 months of service and you will not be able to get a refund. As a child of the times, I know very well that any company with some decency will allow you to cancel a subscription. Yes they might charge you a fee for the troubles, which I'd be happy to pay for, but to simply keep ALL my money for a future 6-month service I haven't even used in the last 4 months and will not be using for the next 6 months is just comparable to legal daylight robbery.

It's not a cheap price you pay for the service, but it does put you in touch with a lot of people you would never have met otherwise.In fact, I'm probably willing to spend another £50 with online advertising just to make sure I reach more people with this post. Amazingly, I received the email after almost 10 days and my membership expired.Yes, your renewal contract policies annoyed me that much. So I asked for prorated refund or membership extension and they declined.Seriously, how hard would it be to set up a reminder email service to be sent out to users a week before their renewal to make them aware of upcoming charges so they could actually choose to remain a paying user or not?I mean, maybe my situation has changed in the last 6 months. But after the payment has gone through, I have no cooling-off period for my charged subscription or a chance to get a partial refund? I very politely called their customer services and explained the situation. I explained to her that I might go online and post about this.

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