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We did everything to try and dissuade him – we avoided all eye contact, danced to the other side of the floor, we formed an impenetrable group formation, but he was still buzzing around us, relentlessly offering his drinks.

When my friends went to the bar he swooped in on me, within seconds he had invited me back to his ‘place’ and had even offered me a bed for the night.

Take some time to build up your confidence, and before you know it walking up to that cute guy at the bar won't be a problem.

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since recently like a couple of months ago I started to get these weird moments where I fantasise about guys. then I snap out and feel horrible about myself just to make one thing staight (pun intended) I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAY PEOPLE!! sometimes when I watch movies or tv shows and a hot guy shows up I secretly think ''Damn boy!

I simply don't want to be gay, prefer to stay heterosexual. you fine'' I know it's natural for a straight guy to comment on other guys looks but with me it seems sexual.

My realisation of this issue started on a night out with my girlfriend and a few of our friends.

We were enjoying dancing around to Fall Out Boy when this pest came along.

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Reality TV program in which five men, expert in such fields as fashion, cooking, decorating and suchlike, take on the task of improving the lifestyle and living conditions of another man; All five are homosexual and with one exception rather camp, and the makeover subject is always straight.Most girls will know the type I mean – they could creep you out from a mile away and can almost always be found jumping from girl to girl in the club, desperately trying to get some action (because they probably haven’t seen any since that game of truth or dare in 2009).But I have to give it to him, this guy was by far the most persistent creep I’ve ever dealt with.I know it's normal to be who you are gay or straight but I KNOW I'M INTO WOMEN which is the reason I'm so confused.... All my life, up until I met my girlfriend, I had only ever been in a relationship with guys, and, like many other girls, I’d been approached by a few creeps when I was out.

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