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I hurt with all the girls and women who went through what I did, who went through worse or were harassed in any way. If you tell him to stop he should respect your wishes and stop.

ALSO READ: Confessions from women who were been turned away from joining the army When you thought Kenyans would be empathetic and extend encouraging messages it was anything but that.After sharing this brave experience, it has started a much-needed conversation and from the comments this is a very common occurrence not unique to women but men as well. ALSO READ: 5 times Anita Nderu has shown us she is a Fashionista And this is what one man had to say about his sexual assault while in a matatu. I sat next to the matatu driver and a guy(in late 50's) who had been following me for a while, sat next to me. I put my hand in the pocket to try everything to cover the private part. My legs were becoming weak and i did not know what to do. During a BBC interview she revealed she had been sexually harassed on more than one occasion. Sharing the terrible ordeal, she shared how while in a matatu heading to work one morning she felt a cold hand on her left breast.Shocked and confused she confronted the man who rudely asked her, ‘why do women have boobs then? ’ The manner less man removed his hand and after raising the issue with the conductor he did nothing.

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