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A publisher of postcards depicting Chinese life in San Francisco. At the turn of the century many of the studio’s photographs began to be turned into black & white postcards printed as collotypes.Their Oriental Bazaar on California Street and Grant Avenue was the first pagoda style building in the city. His brother Frederick Albert Edward joined the business in 1878 but left for Burma in 1887 to open his own photo studio with H. In addition to their views of Ceylon they produced many images of India in the 1890’s.It was designed to attract tourists to their postcards and other products that catered to that type of audience. was purchased by the printer William Skeen for his son, William Louis Henry, a London trained photographer. They are best known for their documenting of types, the spice and tea trade, and railroad construction.Photographers who published illustrated books and postcards. By the late 1860»s additional branches were opened and their name was changed to W. After his brothers death in 1903 Frederick returned to Colombo to run the shop and changed its name to F. Frederick seems to have left or died in 1914 but the studio continued to run for six more years.When Alfred Homans Smiley visited Coxing Pond in the Shawangunk Mountains in 1875 he fell in love with the place and quickly purchased the land around it.By the following year he began building an inn high on the cliffs above the lake he renamed Minniwaska.

They also began publishing hand colored postcards of some of their illustrations in both photogravure and roto gravure.

Many of these cards were printed for them by Tichnor Brothers in tinted halftone spanning the range between cards with white borders and Linens.

Today they are primarily involved in office supplies.

Some of these black & white collotypes were hand colored. Produced a series of postcards reproducing traditional Japanese woodblock prints that were printed in their patented H. Many of these cards were distributed through the steamship lines that ran service to Japan. The store was sold to Michael and Patricia Curtis in 1962 who have opened a chain under the original name.

Charles Shober had run his own lithographic printing firm from 1857 until 1871 when it was destroyed in the great Chicago fire.

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