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If you’re at all familiar with the band The Kills, know that Matthew is lead singer Alison Mosshart’s brother and there is a strong resemblance.

In case the shorts and flowery kimono thing weren’t a big enough clue, they’re in Hawaii, for Jack Osbourne’s wedding.

In The Kills' first album, Mosshart was known by her stage name "VV" and Hince was known as "Hotel".Things change, but the Mossharts will always have long greasy hair. Oddly enough, Kelly Osbourne shared a kiss with Alison Mosshart at Kate Moss’s wedding to Kills guitarist Jamie Hince in 2011. I’m waiting for answers in this crazy soap opera with the soundtrack I want to buy. In early 2009, she joined the supergroup The Dead Weather, formed by Jack White, along with Jack Lawrence and Dean Fertita.In that band, her stage name is "Baby Ruthless." Mosshart features on the 2006 Primal Scream song "Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)", from the album Riot City Blues, as well as on the Placebo song "Meds", the title track of their 2006 album.

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