Dating cash money tds

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Simply use the calculation above to discover the point value of the desired reward you wish to offer.

As you can see, determining the value of loyalty points is not so black and white.

One of the main benefits of an online loyalty program, like those built with, is that you can award points for customer actions that help your store grow.

You can incentivize customers to register for an account, refer friends, or even for sharing your store on social media.

For example, a social share is worth less to your store than a referral, since a referral is more likely to create a new customer.

Say you decide to offer exclusive merchandise as the reward in your loyalty program.

This means that points are seen as holding value equal to the value of that product in the eyes of your customer.

Every store is different, which makes giving an exact value difficult.

What you should do is take a look at your customer data to determine what you should offer for different actions.

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