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The cjbnet client is a client for the redirection/dynamic DNS service. The client runs as a system daemon, periodically checking for a change in the computer's IP address.When a change is detected, it automatically sends the updated information to the server.Damit Lynchjustiz, und Folter weiter staatlich gedeckt werden ! --- Dauerentrechtung, Verfolgung, staatliche Vernichtung und die gewollten vorsaetzlich herbeigefuehrten Gesundheitsfolgen die Opfer staatlicher Uebergriffe . Ausrottung deutscher Familien sind staatlich gewollt . performances of Wendolin Weber before the Lynchmob 4.closed down human right server Dyn DNS The profiteers are the goverment Lynchmob, , and their accomplices, the torturer and murderer of an old women. medical documents concerning torture and murder ((are members of the state organs) 5, That demagogic letters written by 5.1 Members of ss (State Securitypolice) of Germany That Goverment Human right Gangsters protecting offenders letter was written to a judge by a 5.2.These are the Values of the german christian jewish Valuescommunity in memory of my by lynchjustice affected , tortured and later murdered mother Elsa Weber-Tews In Gedenken an Elsa Weber_geb. Member of SS (State Security Public Prosecutor ) of Germany 6.Tews *Sommerau Kreis Tilsit-Ragnit , getauft Szillen , Mönchengladbach , verw. Government members General secretary the christian party Hermann Groehe hunting victims of the government lynchmob 7.We also provide content to print media It all starts with that first contact.

Adultchatroom cjb net-79Adultchatroom cjb net-61, CDU, Angela Merkel, Hermann Groehe, Bundestag, Polizei, Staatsschutz, Lynchjustiz Crimes against humanity, Discrimination, Education, Food & health & development, Freedom of opinion & expression, Genocide, Honor crimes, Housing,germany, Independence of the judiciar, Internally displaced persons, International criminal court , Marriage, Police brutality, Poverty, Racial discrimination, Reproductive rights, Sanctions, Sanitation, Shelter, Sexual exploitation,torture,ill treatment, Violence, Violence against women, Water, Rheinkreis Neuss, Buergerschuetzen, Schuetzenfest, Schuetzenfest Neuss, Buergerschützenfest, problems (20120627) Dyn DNS problems or account problems now you find our human rights server on anymore on net Background : in 1993 I, Wendolin Weber, was publicly exhibited on the Neuss (Germany) marketplace (seen on the pic above) and like in the Reichskristallnacht publicly setup as a "Wucherjude" (extortioner).

It was a public Lynchcampaign launched by members of the government body . was written by a Member of ss (State Securitypolice) of Germany Dieser demagogische Brief von Regierungsbeamten wurde vom SS Polizeilicher Staatschutz Duesseldorf geschrieben.

Wolfang Schaeuble (Scheuble) sollte besser gegenueber den USA seinen vorlauten Mund halten. In Germany you have No rights on having Property No rights to protect your family No rights to found a family and have children Goverment says: leave Mother Father to the gov. Baus haben aktiv die die Opfer staatlicher Vernichtung zusammen mit dem Md B Hermann Groehe verfolgt ! KHK Kanzog That Goverment Human right Gangsters protecting letter was written to a judge by a Member of SS (State Security Public Prosecutor ) of Germany Dieses Menschenrechtsverbrecher schuetzende Schreiben an einen Richter wurde von einem Mitglied des SS (Staatsanwaltschaftlichen Staatsschutzes ) Duesseldorf geschrieben.

In the (Neuss / Koeln) christian understanding to be stoned.

This Newspapaer Artikel was lauched by the city on Neuss(germany) the political Head of the Neuss Police and other members of the government body .

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