Updating motd

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Since updates can also affect the Thunderbolt or USB chips, we can't use them from the update mode.

updating motd-37updating motd-69updating motd-89updating motd-42

Firmware updating requires a network cable connection, so before you begin, connect a standard CAT-5 or CAT-6 network cable from the network port on your MOTU interface to one of the following: If your MOTU AVB interface (and the computer it is connected to) has no internet access, you can download a firmware update file from another computer that does have internet, and then use the file to update your MOTU interface, as follows: We designed the firmware update to work over ethernet mostly for convenience.

If you have set everything up as stated above and its not working please let me know.

I recently changed the ping method to just create an event rather than the server pinging itself and this is the untested part.

To do this, I decided to write a simple Windows application (I know, blasphemy) to aid me.

The utility allowed me to create multiple "templates" and populate them with data from a database.

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