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« The Belated Overhaul 2 Design & Build Series, Part 7: Cleaning Up the CAD Details, Sending Parts for Manufacturing | The Unlikely Story of Momo Con; 12 O’Clocker Returns, #weeabot Intensifies, and I Haven’t Broken Down Yet »We take a short break from talking about Overhaul 2′s design in order to talk about something far more important: Ladies and gentlemen, from this day forward, I will be acting as the CEO of Marconi Motors, a company which will take on the likes of Faraday Future for the title of most overhyped bullshit of 2016. Ever since then, a portion of the robot combat world has been going WTF?

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Yeah, your motor has to be moving before it can move. Those that are built to take Hall sensor inputs (such as these large R/C car controllers) will usually also not have current protection, so operating your motor near-stall will likely cook the controller quickly .

These systems have become more ‘general purpose’ – you can usually plug one motor into another controller and have it either work, or require minimal tuning to work, but are still frequently sold as complete systems.

The systems are usually limited in one way or another to reflect their industrial nature; examples include maximum controlled speed, motor stall protection, safety interlocks needing to be interfaced to radio systems, etc.

Cost is therefore the other constraint which has prevented widespread adoption of brushless drive systems.

The challenge is therefore to find or create a controller that can be used with virtually any hobby type brushless motor for drivetrain applications.

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