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After the success of the shorts made by Pathé and other European companies, the American movies became the most popular and beloved by the Brazilian moviegoers.Without a national market where to sell their films, the Brazilian movie makers needed the support of the State to survive.Emergence of film censorship during the Old Republic The censorship in the Brazilian cinema seems to have been started in 1908, with the first exhibitions in an improvised room by a young Spanish entrepreneur Francisco Serrador[3] in a warehouse owned by Salesian priests, in the commercial center of São Paulo.

The most successful was the (Payer of Promises, 1962), by Anselmo Duarte, first and only one Brazilian movie to win the Golden Palm in Cannes.In the sixties, the Cinema Novo, a movement majoritarian made by Marxists filmmakers, rejected the idea of create a film industry in Brazil, searching instead the support of the State to produce more films of the own group, after some independent productions without practically any public, due to its “godardesc” political metaphors, but most appreciated by Marxist critics in International Film Festivals.This support came from the nationalist Military dictatorship with the creation of the state company and the adoption of protectionist legislation to the Brazilian movies.Later a federal Censure, much stronger, was born under the nationalist dictatorship of President Getúlio Vargas during the New State (1937-1945).Vargas gave an especial attention to the cinema, in order to use the medium to “educate” the population in a fascist way.

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