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The Gyeongui Line Forest Park is a narrow, 1.3 km stretch of green space cutting through the heart of Yeonnam-dong.

Flanked by homes and apartments on both sides, the green corridor feels like a rift valley dividing the city in two.

Now, however, the neighborhood offers a entrancing mix of edgy craft shops, green park spaces and uniquely designed cafés and eateries all tied together by an atmosphere of youth and creativity.

You could spend days here exploring its back streets, where every corner yields a new – and often wonderful – discovery.

You’ll find plenty of unique coffeehouses here, including one that specializes in hard-to-find Turkish coffee and another that serves – no joke – one-liter cups of java for people who really need their caffeine fix.

Much of the neighborhood’s charm lies in the tension between the old and new – or, more specifically, the parochial and global.

Many small shops, cafés and bakeries have opened up on this road recently, including an old toy museum that’s popular with the dating crowd.

Once you get to the station, follow the main road past Exit 3 until you reach the start of a long, green park.

Watch for a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese joint serving excellent and affordable sandwiches, as well as a Mexican joint highly recommended by Mexican expats.You’ll find plenty of good Chinese restaurants, too, thanks to the large numbers of expatriate Chinese who live in this area.Unlike Chinese restaurants elsewhere in Korea, which largely target Korean diners, the Chinese restaurants here cater to a mostly Chinese crowd, so the food is appropriately authentic.From The Warmer South, navigate the alleyways in a generally southeasterly direction until you reach the Dongjin Market.Don’t worry if you get lost – in this neighborhood, getting lost is part of the fun.

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